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Every little bit counts

Whether it is your first time here or you check-in regularly for new content, thank you for making me a part of your explorations in wellness. When you journey here, you can expect to find bits of insight and advice on a range of topics in the areas of health, self and wealth. With every post my hope is to simply open your mind to the idea that the smallest things have the ability to enhance your life in infinite ways.

As complex as we all are, most of our objectives are simple and alike: we seek optimal health; a better self; or the ability to create more wealth. And our common flaw is that we tend to treat these areas of our life in isolation, and share a misguided belief that change or growth is the result of one grand effort.

But to me, wellness is an active process; a compilation of choices supported by patterns of awareness. It is a big concept, filled with endless little 'bits' that have the power to influence every single area of our lives. So make every little bit in your life count. 


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